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Thread: Ultra Narrow IF

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    Default Ultra Narrow IF

    Does anyone have any insight into the option for 5.76k or 7.8k settings beyond what is in the help menu?

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    Hi. I just recently changed this setting myself.
    You use the 5.76k IF setting for 12.5KHz or narrower channels, and use the 7.8K IF setting for 25kHz channels.
    Since I use my XTS3000 on the ham bands, mine is set to 7.8k.
    The 5.76k setting basically helps to prevent adjacent channel interference.
    Cheers, Chris.

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    Read the help. 5.76K is intended for dense urban areas with significant adjacent channel interference. It tightens up the receiver a bit, at the expense of sensitivity. If you don't have this issue, regardless of wideband or narrowband, run 7.8.