I recently acquired a VHF model 3 MCS2000 - M01KHN9PW5AN.

When I tried to read the radio I got "You cannot read, program or tune a CBI radio until you initialize it".

I have never seen this before..and have progged a number of MCS2000's previously.

Why do I need to initialize the controller board?

I understand that initializing a controller board just involves using service mode to add the radios serial number?

Do I need to initialize because a new board has been installed by the previous owner? I think the MCS2000 has the IF/Mixer issue due to BGA dry joints...sometimes I need to inject a carrier 5-10KHz high to get the SQ to open. So maybe the original owner installed a new controller board thinking that was the problem?

Is the initialization a once only process ie you can only do it one time when installing a new board....so you can't swap controller boards?

I was using DOS RSS and got "Codeplug too new" when I went into service mode..so I will need to use Windows CPS.