Have just acquired a bunch of BK Series EMH 5990 mobiles, and also an HP 8921A Service Monitor. I already have the RIB cable and the EMEdwin software, and have been able to program the radios just fine for ham use, down to and including the 'tune freq' hex routine. But the procedures for the other adjustable parameters in the tuning menu are really obscure. I checked with BK tech support and while quite willing to assist, they no longer have any copies of the EMH service data. Does anybody have the Service Manual and/or just the relevant pages describing setting the deviation, squelch level, etc etc using the computer softare? And hopefully the Service Manual has the computer tuning instructions; I know that some of the BK HT's had that info in yet a third manual over and above the Service Manual.

Thanks trnbob. 13:02 est 2/29/2020