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Thread: Configuring Quantar for mixed mode and analog Allstar use / code plug

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    Default Configuring Quantar for mixed mode and analog Allstar use / code plug

    My first post to this amazing site, having discovered it yesterday. I have been able to interface a Quantar in Analog-only mode to Allstar using the 50pin telco interface for Au in/out, PTT, COS. I have a wireline card and v.24 inside. I want to be able to have the repeater work in Mixed Mode, with the analog (only) still working through the interface for use on Allstar.

    When I switch to mixed mode, the 50pin telco connector behavior changes. This seems to be understood and there is a code plug that someone posted at ( which I cannot download yet as I am a new member to this board.

    I am not wanting to usurp any rules and, as an active technical experimenter I want to contribute my various projects to this board and help other users, but I am now stuck in my project so would appreciate any help other members can offer as to how to configure the Quantar to work as per the post above.

    73 to my fellow hams and industry technologists.
    Adrian, VE7NZ

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    Hi Adrian.

    Welcome to Communications Support. I think I have the information on the Quantar that you're looking for and will send what I have to your via email.

    Good luck with your project!


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