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Thread: MCS2000 no rx audio on 4 radios

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    Default MCS2000 no rx audio on 4 radios

    Hi all:

    Disclaimer- To this point I have never seen a MCS 2000 before.

    I have a odd problem. I was just given 4 MCS 2000s to program. (type 2 and 3) 3 dash mount, 1 remote. They came from 4 different systems.

    I have powered each up, and each has no rx audio, no tones on power up, no tones when pushing buttons, when unsquelched, the yellow light comes on, but no audio.

    In the dash mount configuration, I have the emerg. jumper in, I have tried adding the ignition lead with no luck. The speakers are tested good. In the remote mount setup, the control head and cable are right out of the plastic.

    I have not been able to read them- I am waiting for a real rib to arrive.

    Any ideas? If it was one radio, I could see the audio amp being broken off or fried, but 4 radios from 4 different sources? the odds are against it.



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    You need to have pins 1 & 2 in the accessory connector jumpered in order to enable the internal speaker.

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    Thanks for the reply- these are type 2 and 3 that have external speakers fed by pins 1 and 3.

    Any other thoughts?


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    if you know a freq that is in use try generating a signal and scope the pins.