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Thread: Trying to understand 'random' Harris ISSI TGs

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    Default Trying to understand 'random' Harris ISSI TGs

    I had this nice super long explanation and question all drawn out, post took me a half an hour to type out, and the #%(#& 'security' flags my VPN and nukes the submission, so #%(& all the explanation.

    VHF Harris system
    700 /\/\ system #1
    700 /\/\ system #2
    VHF Conventional

    3 P25 systems linked through ISSI

    Any transmission from any side will multicast on all systems.

    User on VHF Harris keys up on TG 1, all systems will show TG1, including Harris system

    User keys up on either 700 System on TG 1, both 700 systems show TG1 and Harris shows a random TG in the 64600 range, which changes semi-randomly. Later on, TG 2 might be using a TG that was assigned to TG 1 the hour previous

    /\/\ will monitor the VHF system on TG 1 when a user on TG1 keys up on that system, but it will not follow to TG 64600.

    I'm assuming this has to do with the way Harris operates the Simulselect, since those TG ranges are pretty much dedicated to that?
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    Are you seeing the simulselect broadcast (MFID A4) on the Harris system control channel with the supergroup (system assigned) TGID and the subgroup (patch member) TGID?
    It is a constant broadcast re-asserted over and over again for the entire duration the simulselect is active until teardown or timeout.

    You need recent firmware on the Motorola subscriber radio for it to understand the MFID A4 method to internally track the new system TGID if selected on the original member TGID (don't have the exact version it was implemented unless I dig through the release notes).

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