Not sure if this is the right are for it and if its not I apologize.

Recently we have started playing with some 900 MSF5000's we had laying around two are CLX models and one is a CLB. Right now we currently have one of the CLX models on the air right now and it is performing extremely well. We haven't done too much tweaking with the RSS we pretty much threw a freq and PL in along with CW ID. We have noticed that it takes about a second for the repeater to go into repeat mode, we have also noticed this on the CLB model also. Is this a standard for this type of repeater to take a second to key up?

Also another question the first MSF we programmed, once we plugged the station in the fans came on as soon as the station had power. The other CLX model and the CLB model the fans do not come on even if after it tx's. Is there a programming parameter in the RSS(on the clx)?