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Thread: BlueTooth on KNG2 P800

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    Default BlueTooth on KNG2 P800

    Well after this past week that I have been programming my new KNG2 P800 radio, I have been able to observe a couple of things. One of course is you are only allowed to program up to 16tg's per list.
    Also has anyone found a way how the bluetooth and conventional Vote scan is turned on and off in the hex edit? Also I have discovered while indead you can program it to non affiliate the preferred site list is greyed out as well. Also when you first start to program a trunked system if you click on Add Options on the right side of the list you will discover just about everything is greyed out. However after a while adding tg's,towers, control channels and channels id's it become clear and will let you checkmark a box but only one box only and the receive only box is greyed out with a checkmark thru it. I have programmed over 2300 tg's into it and taken the unit thruout MD,DC and northern VA plus the eastern shore of MD which is in the MD 1st Respond system and it worked with no trouble at all. Even a simulcast system does not faze it and it comes in Lima Charlie. I am getting about 14 to 18hrs on a single battery charge using a brand new large capiticy battery made for the unit also. As of right now I have 15 trunked systems and 8 convention or conventional P25 systems loaded into the radio. Since I am in the Wash DC metro area I am surrounded by phase 1 and phase 2 systems in the 700/800band. If this radio also did the VHF and UHF and smartzone heck it would be about 30% more systems in the radio. The state of Delaware is running a smartzone system for the whole state with no plans to upgrade within the next few years. They do have a phase 1 system but it is for the Dept of Corrections only with no plans to add the rest of the state on it at all. Anyway this is just a short report on the KNG2 P800 radio
    MC Doug

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