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Thread: RSS software menu program

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    Default RSS software menu program

    This looks like the best place for this thread.

    Discussions in another thread prompted me to make this one. Many of us have a good collection of old obsolete RSS (DOS based programs). These are not just Moto programs. The problem that many have is sorting and then being able to select the desired program/version etc. Add to that many of us cannot remember the specific command line and extension (ABC.exe -b -s).

    There is a DOS program that I use all the time. It uses a menu structure and lets you navigate quickly to the exact program you want and when selected executes it. The program is called Direct Access. The last release was v5.16. I am not going to link to it since that is right at the edge of the site rules. The program can be found easily by searching the net. Again like anything else download and install at your own risk. Neither me or the sites is responsible in anyway for anything.

    This program runs great in dosbox and on my USB bootable DOS flash stick.

    Here are some screen captures of the program in operation. Remember its a DOS program but runs fine in a emulator. I made these captures off a 32bit win7 machine today. No command prompt or anything.

    main screen
    dir 1.jpg

    sub menu screens
    dir 2.jpg
    dir 3.jpg
    dir 4.jpg

    Final command line screen in edit mode so you can see the entry of the actaul command lines to be executed. This only needs to be done once the program remembers the lines.
    dir 5.jpg

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    DA 5 is my favorite program.
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    I have been using simple TXT files that are called by BAT files to move around and get to the RSS and other DOS applications.
    Has worked fine for decades, but I like the extra things this one does.
    Will find it and try it. Thanks.

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    Thanks so much for this!! I've got my dad's old Zenith 486 DX/50 laptop with DOS 6.22, made a bunch of programming cables, have a cheapo RIB, and have loaded my RSS collection onto the old grey laptop. My Achilles heel with my RSS programmed radios is just remembering the damn command line for each respective program. This should help...