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Thread: Need a definitive answer on APX & 25 kHz spacing

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    Quote Originally Posted by EindhovenOne View Post
    The reason I was concerned was because there were a few mentions in this thread about how the factory would never ship radios without Q507 no matter what. So it's either the case that such a statement is not true because of my APX untis not having Q507, or that mine were just missed somehow or that they've been sitting on a shelf since before all of the outgoing radios got the Q507...
    Ok- I'm (very) skeptical about you particular radios were "just missed somehow". I suspect your fears are really unfounded. Yes, for the average buyer from your garden variety Motorola dealer, getting radios with out Q507 will be difficult at best. I would suspect for anything below state governments they probably would need to have their ducks in a row, and anything going to a private buyer (i.e. corporate) their legal department is involved to make sure they have the proper waivers and documentation to back those up. Anything going to the average Joe, is where the statement "the factory would never ship radios without Q507 no matter what." probably really comes into play. But you're a different case. You're sales rep is probably someone who handles only Federal contracts. If you tell them that the radios are going to be shipped out of the country and therefore cannot have Q507 enabled, the reply will probably be "ok- no"

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    I think that we all know what Q507 does and that it's not completely restrictive. In an older post, a Motorola dealer advised that it's unlikely that Motorola will remove Q507 unless you have connections. At one time Motorola removed the option if you filled out a form and took the narrowband training course. Q507 exists to comply with FCC requirements and is not something likely to be overlooked by Motorola for a US radio. Non-US versions of the APX4000 with different model numbers likely do not have that restriction.

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