My MCS2000 has been fine and dandy, decided to change some stuff in it after quite some time, read the radio and made my changes and reprogrammed it. Now my buttons are all different. Even thou in the CPS they are how they should be. Example;

Its a model 1 head (have a model 2 control head but dont know how to upgrade to that)
Emergency - Home
Scan - Scan
Phone - Nus Delete
Menu - Zone Select
Sel - Sel
Chan Up - Chan Up
Chan Down - Chan Down

Thats how it was. Now its
Emergency - Home
Scan - Scan
Phone - Nothing
Menu - Home
Sel - Nothing
Chan Up - Zone
Chan Down - Nothing

Any idea what is the cause of this? had to mess around and figure out how to make the buttons do what i want them to do physically but in the CPS Channel Up is really Home, but when i hit CH UP. It works as Channel up... its messed up

Oh and while we are at it.. anyone know how i can convert my model 1 head to the model 2 i have?