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Thread: ASTRO Saber III 02/81

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    Default ASTRO Saber III 02/81

    I have an ASTRO Saber Mdl III, that upon startup will intermittently display 02/81 on the display. This problem ONLY seems to occur when powering the radio up, if the radio powers up it will function fine with no issues. If I get the 02/81 power cycling the radio a few times seems to clear the issue.

    I understand this error has something to do with the DSP on the vocon, so I'm assuming the Saber potentially needs a new one? Anyone have any insight into how else this problem could be corrected?

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    02/81 is a DSP ROM Checksum Failure. This means one of two things:

    - The DSP code has a checksum error;
    - The DSP ROM itself has a cold (intermittent) solder joint on one of the pins. This could be caused by many issues (factory quality issue, moisture/corrosion, bad manual soldering job post-mod/replacement, etc.)

    Reflashing the radio with the same or newer firmware could fix the problem. If not, then it may require a hardware repair.

    The DSP Flash ROM is a 32-pin SMD TSOP chip.