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Thread: Astro Saber / Saber Li-ion Batteries From Radioshop888

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    Default Astro Saber / Saber Li-ion Batteries From Radioshop888

    Does anyone know whether the Saber/Astro Saber 5800 mAh Lithium Ion batteries from Radioshop888 can be charged in the Motorola tri-chemistry or Impres chargers?

    I asked Radioshop888 but he says he "isn't sure". (The uncertainty might be just uncertainty in understanding what I asked him.)

    I noticed in another thread from a couple years ago that someone found that the li-on batteries from another seller didn't actually have the charging contacts connected to anything and that the wall-wart charger is essential. I wonder how these are configured.


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    Below is a link to the specific battery I have bought. It has a small coaxial DC connector at the base which connects the supplied wall wart charger. There are brass terminals on the battery but I am pretty sure I checked and they are not connected internally. This is not an objection to me because I travel often so a wall wart charger is preferable. I often charge the battery with radio connected. Usually it is switched off.

    These batteries are the size of a standard high cap NIMH but have 3 times the capacity and weigh 6 oz less. They are a bargain. I should add, the materials and fit and finish are very good.

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