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Thread: Zetron 4024 No Serial Output?

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    Question Zetron 4024 No Serial Output?

    Hey guys, I got a Zetron CCE, and it's working just fine, but on the console I see "SeeLog" pop up sometimes. Now, consulting the manual, it says that it should output something to that RS232 port. I plugged in a serial to USB adapter into it, and nothing. I don't see anything pop up. I pushed enter, nothing pops up (just like it said to do in the manual). So any ideas? It's almost like it's not connected to anything.

    It doesn't need a special card to use it does it?

    Also does anyone know what the ICOM Headset RJ11 jack is for? I assume it's for the Site Intercom, but what plugs into it? A telephone? I plugged a phone into it and got battery but, I presume that's just a coincidence.
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    Zetron was fond of using non standard serial port pin outs, you will have to make an appropriate cable.

    1 DTR Data-Terminal-Ready. Not used on printers
    2 No Connection
    3 Tx Data Transmit Data signal to printer
    4 Rx Data Receive Data. Not used on printers
    5 Signal Ground Ground to printer
    6 No Connection
    7 RTS Request-To-Send. Not used on printers
    8 CTS Clear-To-Send/Busy signal from printer
    9 No Connection

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