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Thread: Quantar "whoosh" Noise on Receiver

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    Default Quantar "whoosh" Noise on Receiver

    So I flipped on the Quantar which has been sitting for the past couple years and notice there is a 'whoosh' noise (analog FM) on the receiver that sounds like pink noise or a waterfall close by when you're talking.

    The noise is only on the receiver and changes if you tap on the receiver module with a screwdriver handle. I disassembled the preselector to check for tin whiskers or other weirdness but found nothing. A tracking gen sweep of the preselector also looks good. I popped the lid on the receiver and there's nothing obvious.

    Any ideas of what component is causing this noise?

    This is on a UHF R2 station. The noise is always present but can vary in intensity with tapping on it or time.
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