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Thread: Are we losing 5.9 GHz too?

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    Default Are we losing 5.9 GHz too?

    It sucks US hams lost the 3.3-3.5 GHz band, but after reading, it sure looks like life for the ham data links on 5.85-5.925 GHz is only going to get worse. Even if hams stay "secondary" users there, all the consumer WiFi and vehicles driving around emitting noise will probably make that band like most of 900 MHz is today.

    I guess it's tough to compete with everyone who's not a ham and just wants to browse facebook and tiktok all day...

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    Back in the day, no one thought that upper spectrum would be worth anything.
    Well, we know now that is not the case.
    Nothing is going to stop wireless tech from marching forward. Especially when it is Amateur radio vs. Consumers...... money talks!

    I am for it, they don't use, so ... 2, 2 bad! IMO
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