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Thread: MSF5000 900MHz tone remote base/repeater

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    Default MSF5000 900MHz tone remote base/repeater

    I too have a 900 MSF5k that we are playing with. It will be on top of a hospital and we will have an operating position in a lower portion of the building. I'm not experienced with tone remotes and such, so I'm hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. This MSF was one of the ones that everyone hauled home from NJ, so it was originally a PSE&G trunked repeater. The necessary mods (IC replacement and add HSO from a PURC) have been done to put it back to conventional repeater operation and from my testing works just fine. I am under the assumption that the trunked control module is configurable for conventional tone remote capability. I would need to make those adjustments in RSS though.

    What are some low cost options to put a deskset or console on this at our remote operating postion? Assuming running ethernet or phone line will be no issue. It will probably always be on the one repeater frequency, so channel selection is probably not needed (unless simplex is easily done but through the duplexer I don't think so). Having some console functions like MDC decode or alert tones would be nice, as well as maybe 2-tone paging. These are all wish-list items though and above and beyond the basic tx/rx need.

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    Get yourself any standard tone remote, such as an MC1000, run a 2-pair telephone cable up to the repeater. Line 1 on the deskset to Line 1 on the repeater. Likewise with Line 2. This will give you console priority (tone remote can take over transmitter), and also the ability to hear incoming traffic while you are talking. Make sure TTRC on the MSF is configured for 4-wire operation.

    If you want alert tones, something on the order of an MC2000 would be required.

    You don't necessarily HAVE to go with a Motorola tone remote, anything that provides standard EIA keytones will work (Telex/Vega, GAItronics, Zetron, etc.)