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Thread: battery eliminator causes fail on EFJ5100?

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    Default battery eliminator causes fail on EFJ5100?

    I purchased one of these for my efj5100 so i could permanently mount it in my truck. It worked perfect for a couple days (just long enough for me to leave good feedback) but then the screen on my radio started doing funny things like turning upside down and going blank. The radio would still work but the display would go crazy. I turned it off then back on and the display came back but not for very long. So I put the real battery back on it and the display came back and stayed. I haven't used it since, but now three weeks of using the real battery later my display is blank and won't come back. the radio talks fine but no display. when i turn it on the display goes from fuzy to all black and then blank. I'm pretty sure the battery eliminator caused this but I'm sure they won't fix my radio, they did offer send me a new eliminator if i paid to send this one back but i dont think i'm going to risk it again. If anyone knows how I can fix my display I would apreiciate the help. Hope no one else makes this mistake too.

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    Are you sure the battery eliminator caused it? I don't see you doing any troubleshooting. It could possibly be a coincidence. Check the voltages of the battery eliminator.

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    I don't believe the battery eliminator caused your display problems. It's likely a coincidence.

    Many battery eliminators are using a 12-14VDC --> 7.5->8.5VDC (approximate ranges) regulator circuit, capable of 2-3A output. Check the output of your eliminator and see what the voltage is.

    You likely have a mechanical issue with the radio. Check the seating of the display flex.