Gentlemen, here is a comparison of different audio samples taken today from my equipment at work. These were done on three VHF Motorola Astro Saber IIIs R07.71.06 DSP N08.03.05 With 1MB Vocoders.

I apologize for the samples being brief, but I only had so much time allotted to me to borrow these from the communications lockup.

Audio samples are of APCO-25 "Clear", APCO-25 "DES-XL", FM Narrowband, CVSD DES-XL, and CVSD "Type 1"
AstroSaber APCO25 Clear.mp3
AstroSaber APCO25 DES-XL.mp3
AstroSaber Analog FMN.mp3
AstroSaber CVSD DES-XL.mp3
AstroSaber CVSD Type1.mp3