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Thread: Commander II mic audio issue

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    Default Commander II mic audio issue

    I have been running a commander II mic on my xts5000 for the last week or so. in digital mode i am being told that my transmit audio is sounding like it has too much treble or just sounding funny. I have not tried it on analog mode yet either. i will be doing more testing on this tomorrow to see it this is just a digital thing or if it is isolated to this mic or particular mic.

    Is this a common problem with the commander mics?

    i have a nmn6191c jedi style mic that i am going to try on it tomorrow and see how it works.

    has anyone else had this kind of problem?
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    I have seen a lot of the 2500/5000 digital radios programmed with -6 dB selected for Treble Control in the Digital Audio selection. This leaves the Analog Audio and Securenet Audio selections at their defaults of 0 dB. I actually just noticed this the other day, and have not experimented with it yet, but apparently others have noticed this and have done this to try to equalize the audio between the different modes.

    It's in the Radio Wide stuff...

    As to the mic it might just have bigger holes that than the pinhole in the radio.