Hi there,

This is my first post here and it's also a 1st of Jan, a good way to start the year

Anyway, I recently acquired a large amount of XTS3000's, and I have no knowledge in this field what so ever. I been doing a lot of research and reading online, but there is just so much information that it's very easy to get lost and waste to much time.

So if someone here could tell me what are the capabilities of XTS3000 as well as what it can be used for would help a lot.

Also, if someone could provide me with some guidance to beginners guide to all that flashing and programming of these radios I would really appreciate that, as all I find right now is pretty advance stuff and I guess I would have to get familiar with the basics first.

This is the details for the radios I have:

Model I 800 MHz
Mfg. Code: 1000040000004
Model No: H09UCC9PW5AN