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Thread: nxr-810 no receive jack

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    Default nxr-810 no receive jack

    Is there a difference between a repeater and base unit. Looking to convert this base unit to repeater mode. However it does not have the seperate BNC rx in jack. Is there a modification or does this have to be ordered at factory.

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    If it has been converted to a base you will have to replace the RX antenna coax. To convert it for base use you need to cut the BNC off an move the coax to the PA, and add two caps, as well as installing a solder jumper. I will upload a copy of the service manual and update with the link. It will show how it is done, so you will need to get the cable and replacement cap.

    Service manual here

    The info is in the -10. Also check to see if the two screws that hold the BNC were put back, or if you need to order them also.

    You should be able to order everything from, or your local KW shop.

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