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Thread: this deserves a new thread, RADIO WENT OOPS!

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    Thumbs down this deserves a new thread, RADIO WENT OOPS!

    So my 900 meg i decided to update firmware.
    Get the files, everything going ok, until the update continues to tell me that i cancelled the update.
    Then i look and notice the radio i am trying to update is a series 5 with series 4 firmware..
    as i type this the program keeps saying i cancelled out the process. It extracts the embedded files, erases my stuff and gets stuck there.
    What do i do?

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    XPR8300 should be able to help. Hang on a bit. Don't panic!

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    Dump out of everything, power down the radio and restart. When you boot the radio, hold the bottom button and it should boot back into bootload mode. The 4.14.5 fimrware posted to this site is the correct firmware for the 'ebay 900' radios. Just keep fiddling with it, eventually it should take.

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    its a series 5 though.
    the firmware states series 4, so do i need series 5 or just keep using the same one.
    also why it keep saying that i cancelled the process, do i speed my comport speed

    model number 242-5597-560ha2

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    could you put a link to the firmware, i search and i never find the f/w.

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    Just for an update for those that may read later on... the radio was fixed by taking the same update and do it in another computer where the com port is unmolested and just run the program again.
    Radio works and 2.10.2 with the mixed odb file works 100%
    If you do fpp you have add +10 MHz on every entry if not it subtracts ten megs off each entry.