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Thread: MotoTRBO for use as a "cache" radio (analog use only)

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    Default MotoTRBO for use as a "cache" radio (analog use only)

    Hi All.

    While completing a public safety communications interop "white-paper", I was given several suggestions by team members involved in the project.

    Essentially, a county govt. agency will be providing 6-10 portable radios to each fire dept within their jurisdiction. These will be "housed" in "pelican cases" with custom cut-out foam inserts to fit the equipment being housed. Each piece of apparatus will have 3 cases: 1 for the radios & antennas / 1 for "ACT" or Impress gang chargers or a bunch of individual chargers with 3x batteries per radio (kept float charged/maintained by AC utility power shore-line / 1 case for "disposable" battery "shells" and a large amt. of lithium or alkaline AA batteries, a programming laptop w/ either CPS or RSS (depending upon radio selected) and laminated freq. charts for each adjacent town/county/state that that particular fire dept. might be responding to for mutual aid assistance.

    We had initially thought that "refurb'd" JT-1000's with new batteries would be a great solution due to the FPP option, current cost at a fraction of the new ones that we had initially purchased years ago, along with the fact that many of our accessories would work and be interchangeable.

    The change in concept came about when we were advised by a newer, but fairly experienced tech... , to go the route of the brand-new Xpr-6550, etc.
    (with the large amt. of channels available, we could have them pre-programmed with just about any jurisdiction we would be sending agencies into and, might eventually use in the "digital/mototrbo" mode for messaging and the other enhanced options, etc. on one of our existing unused uhf freq pairs.
    (only prob. there --- they are all in the "T" band, so will most probably have to be relinquished in a few years when "O'Bummer" is in his 4th. term as dictator of the USA and holds spectrum auctions to raise more case for his cronies - LOL -- I AM aware that we will really are going to lose them in a few yrs. though...)

    Any thoughts??? We were even thinking of equipping several command vehicles with even MORE antennas <GRIN> and throwing in a mobile UHF repeater for use with whatever radio is selected. (making use of crossbanding for interop capabilities) We chose UHF ("T" band) since that is what we were told to use as over 85% of the surrounding counties are using UHF currently (that will , of course!, change --- to TRS / "700" / just about anything...) But when you are mandated by politicians on how to spend the $$ they are willing to provide, you learn not to keep asking questions.

    Thanks in advance !

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    oops -- forgot 3 additional items:

    - how "rugged" are these portables vs. "public safety" radios (their terminology, not mine LOL) like the HT1000/JT1000 and the XTS3000 (the options we have to choose from if not going the route of n.i.b. TRBO's.)

    - can they be used for "analog" only use ---> both narrowband and wideband (wideband for use with several local older OEM GMRS repeaters for those firefighters and search & rescue folk who are licensed.

    - how hard are they to program? / is the CPS or RSS (whatever they use) expensive? / can you use alpha "tags" (ie: "aliases", like: "ABC Twp Police 1" instead of "channel 12 or the freq etc?)

    - can any of the texting/paging/encryption features be used if using in an "conventional analog only" using Simplex fnce or very small scenes and conventional repeater utilization for larger scenes where the infrastructure has not been damaged or a portable repeater is setip)- and/ (12.5 spacing - instead of "doubling up" and using half the bandwidth per conversation using TDMA and a dedicated MotoTRBO (or Hytera) repeater set up for digital use?

    Thanks again in advance !!

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    Current production gear is easily as rugged as the HT1000 etc, and certainly more water resistant. Early TRBO portables had weak volume pots but that's been fixed for a while now.

    They work fine in narrow and wide FM, but you will probably need to get an entitlement ID for each CPS computer to enable programming wideband frequencies. This is free if you have a current CPS subscription, and only takes a few minutes on the phone to Motorola to organise.

    The CPS is dead easy to use, especially compared with the APX series.

    You can't use any of the advanced signalling on analogue at all, in FM you're limited to MDC1200, QC2 etc. You can use all of those features on digital simplex or with a portable repeater though. Be wary of what NFPA has to say regarding digital on the fire ground though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by syntrx View Post
    Be wary of what NFPA has to say regarding digital on the fire ground though.

    Can you elaborate on this for me? What does NFPA have to say about digital?


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    I haven't got a copy of the document handy, but NFPA 1221 recommends against using digital on fireground tactical channels, partially due to the "cliff effect" where the signal rapidly goes from being perfect to being unusable, but also because when two stations transmit at the same time, both of their signals will be rendered unusable.

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    And also the fact that a PASS alarm going off in the background makes a otherwise readable signal into garbage. Unless you have a Astro25 radio with the PASS filter in the firmware.
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