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Thread: TP-9100 Programming Cable Source?

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    Default TP-9100 Programming Cable Source?

    First poster here,

    Aside from eBay or Tait Radio, is there any other source for this programming cable? I'm looking for several from a US source if possible.


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    The only way i know of is from Tait direct. You can find the mobile one sometimes on eBay but the portable adaptor for the cable is no where to be found on line. At least when i tried. I was lucky to get them from our county sheriffs dept. There was a county wide radio grant a couple years ago and they went with tait. So we got cables for free.

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    Just my 2 cents worth. I ordered the USB Cat Interface for my ICOM IC7000. You can find them on Ebay for about 10 bucks. the one I got has the phono plug on the end but there are others with the modular plug. I found that if I used a standard phone cable (4wire) and used the green/yellow and just used alligator clips to connect to the phono adapter, it read and programmed the TAIT T800 perfectly. I suspect that it may be the same for this one if it just has a single serial comms line. If you get the adapter for the icom 7111 it has a modular plug on it which may work as is, but if not, you can certainly just put another end on it with the correct config.

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    don't the portables and mobile 9000 series use the same programming cable?