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Thread: How to dump an E.F. Johnson 5100 codeplug?

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    Default How to dump an E.F. Johnson 5100 codeplug?


    I have a functioning 5100 with 4.15.5 firmware and I'm wondering how to dump the codeplug file from the radio? Can this be done in PC Configure? I can read the radio and save RCF files just fine, but they don't seem to be actual codeplug files. Am I missing something?

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    Apparently the RCF files are the "codeplugs" for these radios... However I'm trying to do the scan without affiliate thing for a local system by setting up a system with a dummy key file then changing the values in the RCF and uploading it to the radio... But I can't seem to find any of the "dummy" key values, at all, in the RCF file. My RCF files are about 4KB and apparently show no info about system IDs or anything of that sort in them at all. Is there something I'm missing here in PC Configure? I import the dummy key, set up the system, etc, save the file, then try to hex edit it, and when I search for the dummy key values nothing shows up... In fact I've looked through the file completely manually and it appears none of this information is saved in the file, or it's encrypted, but as far as I've read the RCF files aren't encrypted. I'm using PCC 2.10.2.

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