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Thread: efj 5100 2.8.15

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    Post efj 5100 2.8.15

    I just got an older 5100 mod# 242-5183-810-gb2. firmware v 2.4.6
    I have read that the latest firmware is 2.8.15 but would like to know if that will fix my problem. this radio will not take the control channels i want, i assume its not rebanded. also it will not let me select CQPSK on a p25 system. does anyone know if 2.8.15 will fix this and were i can find the express updater for it. thanks

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    ok so i figured out the control channel problem on the smartzone system (i had to check the splinter channels box). but I still need help with the CQPSK modulation on the p25 system