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Thread: Astro Spectra and Radio Over IP

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    Default Astro Spectra and Radio Over IP

    Hi all,

    Im playing around with using an astro spectra high power w3 as a gateway to a radio over IP system... only because its all i have at present. So, Im looking for anyone elses expiriences with picking off tx and rx audio as well as ptt and CD/ busy etc so that i can interface it into the IP box.... Does anyone have any input as far as the best points on the radio to pick these signals from?? I have had a look at the pinouts for the 25 pin connectors and can see everything except the COR / COS busy light etc..


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    Yes this was my approach a few years ago now:

    This COR is active whenever the radio produces audio so it is not a busy indication.

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    Thank you for that! Exactly what i was hoping for. YEs, the re vocoded audio is average.... but its a cheap and cheerful solution....