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Thread: T3020 model 2

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    Default T3020 model 2

    I have 150 of these radios and the software that I have is no good for programming it. whats the trick to these radios?
    i got them from the Canadian coast guard and they are supposed to be uhf but when i program them i get invalid channel info on the radio itself.
    software allows programming but after the fact is no good.

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    If software validates data before writing to radio, configuration should be ok, try to use a slower/older computer to prevent data corruption, those old DOS softs won't like new PC.
    Try to read and write without modifying any data and check if your programming is ok.

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    i have done that and no matter what i put in i will get an error even if i just read and write back to the radio with no data in the file.

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    What version of the sw are you running? I've got 2.01 for the 3020 if that helps, let me know if you need it.