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Thread: XTL2500 Scan question..?

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    Default XTL2500 Scan question..?

    When scanning conventional or trunked channels is there a way to make the radio land on the active channel when the scan button is pressed to stop the scan instead of the radio switching back to the channel that was selected by the channel selector? I have a couple of CDM1250's that will do this but I can't get the XTL2500, XTS3000 or the MCS2000's to operate like this. I've been digging through the CPS and can't find anything that will make scan operate this way. I'm either missing it or it just can't be done. Is it possible for the scan to operate like this?

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    I think there is a priority channel selection let me double check.

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    With the 2500s you can program a priority TG or channel on the scan list; but you have to go into scan program settings and pick it, I think all can do on the fly is nuisance delete an active Tg that you don't want to listen to for the moment. You can program the radio to make the TG/channel the knob is selected on priority, but that wouldn't be good if you're doing non affiliate scanning..
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