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Thread: Multiple new questions on the apex radio

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    Default Multiple new questions on the apex radio

    I am still at it with my unknown version of apx but i managed to force the certificate file into a machine running xp, and it has managed to bypass the invalid driver issue i was having for the longest time.BUT.....
    now when i try to refresh on that same computer i get this message: "could not load file or assembly "motorola.cps.acp.communiction.usbautodetectlib.dl l" or one of its dependecies. the specified module could not be found.
    Now i associated all files with the program so that is done but what is the short version meaning of that message?
    also can you insert a micro memory card into that little slot on the bottom of the radio and if so what does it do???
    I figure i would throw on the f/w file and put it and see if the radio acts differently. i have never actually got an answer to what that slot really does

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    The slot currently officially does nothing. It is connected to a bootable interface on the OMAP1710 processor but I have been unable so far get it to recognize a micro sd card.
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    Another big brained idea from Motorola. I don't get why they put in useless items and expect us to figure what out what it does

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    Because it gives them options down the track for if/when they write the software to make it useful, and doesn't actually cost them much to add. Same reason the radio has a high resolution colour display that it doesn't really need.

    Mapping/blue force tracking applications are something that's been specifically mentioned by Motorola as a future possibility. There are lot of people working in alpine rescue that would love something like this, for example.