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Thread: EFJ Ascent and SmartNET

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    Default EFJ Ascent and SmartNET

    Can anyone confirm if the 900MHz Ascend radios on eBay are capable of SmartNet trunking? I've successfully managed to "edit" the .OPT file to get SmartNet trunking, FPP and P25. I'm able to add a SmartNet system to the radio, however when I attempt to set a control channel frequency, it always comes up as invalid, regardless of what I enter.

    Anyone know how to fix this?


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    This seems to be a bug in the PCConfigure software program. At this time there is no known solution. I gather these were intended for MultiNet and P25 operation primarily and they never completely implemented all the features, or at least never fully tested them, apparently.

    Another indication 900 MHz was an afterthought is the radio's internal firmware SERVICE mode doesn't have any tuning channels. When you go to what would be the RF test portion of the self-test it says "No Support". Also, the FPP has a bug that makes the entered frequencies 10 MHz lower than what you key in, another internal radio firmware bug.

    Based on all this, my guess is they put together he 900 MHz bandsplit as an afterthought on a Friday afternoon after having a few too many beers at lunch.