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Thread: EFJ 5100 & OOB

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    Hey I know this radio can be programmed with the PCC and I have successfully done so numerous times with my 33cm frequencies. I am curious if anyone has been able to locate the min frequency inputs for the program. I would like to dual purpose this radio and my radio has the 700MHz option active in the option file.

    My question is does anyone know how to expand the programming band limits in pcc to allow communications on the interop channels? I dont want to be carrying around 3-4 hand helds per deployment, a V/U and this unit (if I can get it to load those frequencies).

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    If you mean trying to get a 900 MHz radio down to 700 MHz that ain't happening. The RF deck simply won't go down that low. The 700/800 MHz models are designed with a dual approach to the front end and RFPA designs that can switch between 700 and 800 MHz operation so even they aren't that "wide" - they don't cover all of 700 and 800 MHz continuously. Practically you can't get a single TX or RX to cover more than about 70-80 MHz max.

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    The 700 MHz option just means the radio is software-capable of rebanding if the hardware is. The only radios this covers are the 700/800 models. None of the others will be affected.