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Thread: Some new Radio Over IP stuff (Cheap and Cheerful)

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    reading what I can about it (my chinglish is not very good), it can, and thats what I want to do with it, but I need to know more and I'm hoping members that have one can shed some light onto it.


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    Are these toys able to transmit encoded P25 voice & signalling over IP without re-vocoding?
    What about transparent data ability? Or is the transmitted VOIP re-coded?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ev351 View Post
    Hi all,

    I am just posting this to share with everyone a nice and cheap Radio over IP solution. This does not involve echolink or IRLP (PHEW!) I found these boxes on ebay. they come form china, and are very cheap...

    see the manufacturers website:

    I got a pair of Roip 102 boxes.

    They were a little difficult to set up due to the poor manual, but once up and running they work extremely well. They have PTT and RX inputs / outputs, and I interfaced into an Astro Spectra, even on re vocoded audio, they sound exceptional.

    At $150 an end I reckon they are good value. Way cheaper than similar products offered in Australia. (Omnitronics!!!!)

    Hope somoene gets some use from this....

    I looked at those before and wondered how they would work in an end to end application I have. In my case I have a repeater with a Zetron 48B phone interconnect that I would like to terminate, not in the telco PSTN, but over the internet to another distant location. In this configuration, the far end would be 4 wire E and M and the other end work as a ringdown so that the mobile can answer the far end or originate a call to the far end. I too am interested in eliminating or minimizing the SIP server requirement to minimize network requirements. Any experience or advice you have is appreciated. Thanks.