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Thread: Just bought a XTS1500 1.5....Something's not right!!!

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    Default Just bought a XTS1500 1.5....Something's not right!!!

    Ok so I just bought this xts1500 at a good price. Through in a new battery and all I get is the power green light no display or anything just a study green light. So I catch a burnt smell and me being decided to open it up just to see. Well so much for a good deal. Can someone explain how the main ribbon cable is burnt? Is this normal? Can it be fixed? Now I have to call the seller and hope the rest are not like that. Sucks!!

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    It's possible to replace the parts, and I have spares, but without knowing why the short occurred you are probably wasting your money on a repair. Send it back to the seller and demand a replacement or a refund.

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    Wow, something shorted out inside the radio, the reason the flex melted was because either the B+ is traveling up and down it to and from the power on/off switch, or it sends B+ to the external accessory connector for powering adapters, etc. I absolutely would request a refund but get ready for "Well, it worked fine when it left here" and he may actually be telling the truth... Good luck with that one.

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    Well they have a 14 day return policy if the item is not as described so it should be no problems. I don't think they tested none of these radios. Plus they say they all have a hole under the bottom which I know for sure means someone has been in them for some reason or another and not using the proper housing tool. I think this one had water damage. I saw a little corrosion on the board.