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Thread: EFJ 5100 version 1.18.15 scan?

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    Default EFJ 5100 version 1.18.15 scan?

    Hello everyone,

    Just picked up one these bad boys the other day, is there a rhyme or reason to get scan to work I can't figure it out for the life of me.

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    Scan is pretty simple actually. The big thing is to know the difference between the two scan types. Radio Wide Scan is to scan between system types (Conv, SN/SZ, and P25Trunked) it is not as flexible and a little slower and should really only be used when absolutely necessary. The one most people is used is the Priority Monitor Scan which is buried on the per system tab, down in the System Lists pull down box. From there you select Edit List.
    Add a scan list, then hit the modify button. From there you select the channels you want to scan by putting a check box in the channels desired. You can change zones by hitting the zones pull down box. The radio will scan across zones with no problem.
    Next you will need to have a scan button and/or menu item. The last thing is the one that bugs me about PCC. You will need to enable the scan list for each channel you want to have the ability to enter scan. PCC defaults to NONE so you have to go through EVERY channel and change it. There is a Default User Selected Scan List option on the Per System page but I haven't really seen that work too well for me.
    Most people will start by populating the Radio Wide Scan list because that is the Scan List button they see first (on the Radio Wide tab)