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    Default option mate board

    anyone know what rss # the ntn8313a option mate boards use? i have newly acquired a few of these and wanted to know about them, thanks

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    Just an update, it appears the NTN8313A AVS Option Mate board is made from transcript, marketed under Motorola, for the ht1000. Sadly, it doesn't work in a mts2000, or any other jedi radio for that matter. (unconfirmed jt1000) It appears to be a rolling\hopping code. It has its own RSS, v R01.00.00
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    I mounted several of these in the JT1000. I just ignored the instructions from Transcrypt in the day that said it couldn't be done. Sadly, I sold those radios a long time ago, and they are out there floating around with the boards still in them. No doubt someone is wondering why one of the function buttons does something weird.....

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    i was really hoping to mount these into a mt2000. I figured it being a jedi series wouldn't matter. Alas when i installed the board, the radio wouldn't even power on. Was there any trick to the JT? Its the only series I don't have to test. Looks like my pic didn't upload to the server, ill try to post another. Which brings me to another question. Any demand for something this old and nearing obsolete?