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Thread: XTS5000 Convert from VHF to 800?

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    Default XTS5000 Convert from VHF to 800?

    First...this is currently hypothetical only.

    I just bought a personal XTS5000 to monitor our VHF fire frequencies when I'm away from the station. Today, there is talk about migrating to 800 at some time in the future. (We currently have 800 MHz XTS5000's that we use for Mutual Aid when responding to neighboring communities.) Could my radio be converted? Does it make sense to do so, or would I be better off selling and buying another if this happens. I have seen 800 Mhz boards listed on FleaBay for $85.

    It's a PITA that we have both VHF and 800 MHz fire in our area. Makes interoperability difficult. I thought about a APX7000 but they're too expensive for my personal radio. BTW, are the 7000's bigger than the 5000? I'm already struggling with the size on my 5000...I previously had compact Vertex Standard or Kenwood radios.



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    The conversion could be done, but IMHO it would be more practical to just get an 7/800 unit. The soft tools required are restricted to internal (Motorola) use. Another thing to consider is the vintage of your controller, some older controllers were labeled as band specific in the service manual.

    As far as the APX7000, with the shorter batteries they are very close in size to the 5000. And here I go again with my opinion, but the APX is one of the best, if not the best portable radio I have ever owned. Well there are some bone head omissions (QCII comes to mind) a VHF 7/800 would be a great choice for you aside form the cost. If you do look at an APX, be very careful to buy from a reputable seller, there is a lot of ALT radios out there. I have seen so many units full of rust, or that have taking more voltage spikes that a lighting rod in Florida.


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    Thanks GS.

    I'll probably stick with the XTS for now. The APX is out of budget right now. It sure didn't take long to fall in love with the quality of the XTS though.

    Maybe when the new models come out and the prices drop some, I'll think about an Upgrade.