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Thread: which XTS2500 charger ( UK )

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    Default which XTS2500 charger ( UK )

    Hi. I am looking for a definitive answer about a charger for my XTS2500 - I am shopping 'round Epay, and it seems some chargers are advertised as for charging XTS2500, XTS3000, MTS2000 etc, like this one.. 'You are bidding on a nice looking Motorola NTN7290A charger with AC cable for use with: HT1000, JT1000, MT2000. MTS2000, MTX8000, MTX9000, XTS2500, XTS3000, XTS3500, MTX838, MTX/LS' - well, i have a MTS2000 charger already, and i know its the same voltage as the battery from the XTS2500 but nowhere can i find a definite 'yes or no' whether this will charge the XTS2500 .. and i notice many secondhand AC (non 'wall wart') chargers advertised are 110v ... i thought they were all auto 110/220 not much from China to charge mu XTS2500 .. Can anyone advise please ? or point me to a Chinese / affordable 220v/240v XTS2500 charger please ? AC or 12v - Thanx, Mark
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    Get a Motorola WPLN4111 IMPRES charger, they can be had for around $100 USD brand new, and a fair bit less used. Most of the Chinese chargers don't comply with any safety standards -- do you trust one enough to leave it plugged in when you're not home?

    It's a 100-240V device, so just get a UK figure 8 power cable from Maplin's or whoever and you're good to go.

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    Thanks Syntrx ... i was hoping to get an IMPRES batt & charger, but i didn't know what model no. to search for ..
    Yes, i don't mind the 'cheap & cheerful' Chinese chargers, but no, i dont leave 'em plugged in when i'm asleep or
    out .. even after fitting fuses ! - but i cant find one for the XTS2500 - maybe after all the
    hours, days and weeks searching maybe i've just worn out my Google juice

    ideally my MTS2000 one will work until i find a IMPRES & couple of batt
    Thanks Syntrx

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    So does anybody know if my XTS2500 will fit in my MTS2000 desktop charger please ?

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    If it's an actual XTS2500 battery (not a Waris one) and of the property chemistry (i.e. don't charge a Li-ion batt in a charger that's not tri-chem) then yes, it'll work just fine.

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    Hi foxtrotdelta .,.. Thankyou.. the XTS2500 battery is on its standard battery, and the MTS2000 charger isn't a tri-chem .. its a Chinese drop-in charger, so its a pretty simple affair, but charges the MTS2000 great

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    Just for info and anyone reading this later, the atandard XTS2500 battery fits perfectly and charges perfectly in the Chinese MTS 2000 charger off Ebay.