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Thread: Tuning Partition Error 01/22

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    Default Tuning Partition Error 01/22

    I was given an XTS5000 radio to try and fix by a guy on the department here that is coming up with ERROR 01/22. The radio works fine, but just comes up with the error. In doing searching for a solution, I know that there is a mismatch between the Host firmware and the Tuning Partition version, which is the case (in this particular one, the host is v19.00.00 and the tuning is 00.00.00 <-- sounds like a problem already). I am assuming given the condition of this radio that it was FlashZapped at some point by someone else, but not entirely sure.

    Without an iButton, I could try the dirty FlashZap method, but I know that will not touch the tuning partition. Does anyone have a way to reprogram the tuning partition without an iButton? Thanks.

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    rainmak: I have moved your post to the Service/Repair forum.

    Your problem is easy to repair with the right tools. We do not support Depot software here, but that is what will be required for this job. The Depot software has a menu which will upgrade the Tuning partition. I'm told it will prompt you for the matching (R19) firmware CVN file, and it then extracts the Tuning partition from this and dumps it back into the radio -- regardless of whether an iButton is present or not.

    That's as far as we can go with Depot discussion here. Good luck and I hope you're able to restore this to working condition.