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Thread: Converting/Upgrading xtl5000 remote w9 to remote 05

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    Default Converting/Upgrading xtl5000 remote w9 to remote 05

    Can anyone tell me the proper steps in converting my xtl5000 with a remote w9 to a remote 05 odyssey head? I have tried synchronizing the new 05 head with the brick but get an error on block 9 of the flashing. It says "downloading bootcode" on the screen. Thanks.

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    What brick firmware are you working with? Also, is by chance a Panter O5 head off ebay?

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    Did you tell the XTL you were switching heads first and program the radio that way? (yes)
    When the radio repowers after program you should get a control head error with the W9 still attached. (yes)
    Change your TIB and cables.
    Power up the mess with the new O5 head attached.
    Can you sync it with a serial GCAI cable attached to the O5 head as outlined in the instructions for control head sync in the software?

    If not, remove power from head and brick. Disconnect blue cable between brick and head. Power up head by itself. Wait until it comes up in remote maintenance mode.
    Rerun control head sync. When sync fails and CPS pukes an error, enter firmware version of radio if known. If not known, enter 60000 for firmware version and continue.

    This should result in a succesful recovery of the control head sync. At this point, you should be able to power everything down, hook everything up like normal and run sync again, and the process should complete normally.

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    Make sure you are at the correct firmware level before you switch the head to the O5 type.
    Believe there is a warning in the CPS about this.
    WOuld check to see what the recommendations around here as to the correct / current target firmware version .