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Thread: RDAC Lan Setup

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    Default RDAC Lan Setup

    Hey guys

    Playing with RDAC today for the first time, some neat feature....while it doesnt really do much I do like the idea of it being able to email me if AC goes out at the site

    So far this isnt for anything critical, just my own playing at the bench for my own learning.....I am not very knowledgeable in IP

    I was able to get it setup pretty easily with a old Dlink router that was floating around, after 20 mins or so no problem to connect RDAC to the repeater wired or wirelessly over the little LAN I setup

    So of course the next step

    How do I go about configuring it to be able to connect to the repeater with RDAC over internet?

    Like I said my IP knowledge isnt great at all and its not very well documented either


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    It should be enough to forward the necessary ports on each end. The window where you add the system settings to connect to the repeater should let you set the port of the repeater (have to match the one set in the repeater's codeplug) as well as the port of the computer. Both are 50000 as default.

    I assume you already got that correctly since you were able to connect over a LAN. The routers on each end need to forward those ports from the external IP address to the internal LAN IP of your repeater and computer. How to do that varies depending on router.