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Thread: XPR6550 MDC signalling help

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    Default XPR6550 MDC signalling help

    Hi guys.
    I know this is not a digital thing, but I cannot get the MDC selcall decode working at all on my XPR6550.
    The radio has R01.09.10 firmware in it, I am using CPS 8.0
    Testing the radio with an XTS5000, I have the XPR MDC calling the 5000 fine, but I cannot get the 5000 to selcall the XPR at all. The PTT ID is working fine on both radios.
    I have the MDC settings done correctly in each radio.
    But I cannot see anywhere in the Mototrbo CPS where to enable or change the MDC selcall decode setting.
    Can someone please help me out with this ?

    Thanks, Chris.

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    Make sure you have both the transmit AND receive signalling system setup properly. The radio should decode a selcall by default (done it with mine). Only other thing I could think of would be to play with unmute settings if you wanted to do voice mute until the radio is paged.

    Don't forget the usual stupid mistakes, check the RID & Group ID for the MDC systems as well.

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    Hi Trumpetman. I have checked all these settings, and all is correct as far as I can see.
    However, in the CPS help file, it mentions being able to set the MDC call alert type, but I cannot see this setting anywhere in my CPS !
    Very strange.