I have an EX600XLS Portable Radio that is displaying a "Synth Unlock" error when it's powered up. The radio stays in this error display state and does not otherwise function. I am not able to read the codeplug and I have even tried using the depot tool to so called reset the radio without luck. Has anyone had this problem in the past and if so how were you able to fix this problem? I have been told it is a hardware problem and I have been told it is a software problem. I have tried searching for an answer and have not found much information on this specific problem. I have had a couple people tell me they can fix this but want way too much money for the repair in my opinion. This radio was a personally owned, primary use work radio for me for a few years but has since been replaced. I would simply like to use this radio on the MURS frequencies or possibly sell it but obviously it won't do either very well in it's current state. Any help or advice would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!!!