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Thread: 800 Portable dipole

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    Does anyone have one of these? The connector is very strange compared to the other SMA type antennas. It seems split molded with a piece of foam or rubber the pin has to go through on the inside. Looks fake. Came in a real OEM package though.



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    Sounds like you got one of the "new" Motorola antennas. M themselves are buying cheap knockoff Chinese antennas as OEM stuff, honestly. The old antennas were molded around the metallic guts of the antenna, the new cheap-ass ones are pre-molded outer shells with the guts glued into the outer shell. Usually, with them you can tell it's the new crap by a couple methods - some have the SMA insulator split, some the silver metal outer bit has two notches in it instead of being round, and with some you can "twack" the antenna with your fingers or smack it against something, then you'll feel the inner whip is not attached to the outer rubber sheath. It kind of rattles around inside the rubber outer bit. If you "twack" an older one it feels distinctly solid by comparison.

    I used to buy these knock offs from eBay and they would fall apart after a short time, so we'll be seeing if the ChineseMoto's are any better, I guess - cos it's cheap crap for everybody from here on out!!

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    Exactly. It sounds almost hollow with the antenna rattling around inside it. The molding isn't trimmed and it has "extra" plastic where the mold went together. The insulator isn't flush with the grounded side of the SMA adapter. Seems like total junk compared to my half wave and even the stubby.