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Thread: Johnson 5100 Software Version?

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    Default Johnson 5100 Software Version?

    As a Motorola/Kenwood guy, I thought I would dip my toe in the water on the EFJ equipment. I purchased (on eBay) a 5100, model 242-5117-660. Does anyone know what version of software I need? It appears that unlike Motorola and Kenwood, the software version is directly related to the model number? (Now that's a different concept for me! LOL) Once armed with that info, I can search out the appropriate software. Thanks in advance for any "newbie" help that is provided!

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    There is a wealth of information about them on this site. Look in the main FORUM list for the EFJ section, and go there.

    Also, make use of the SEARCH function (box with the magnifying glass), or go to Google and use the "site:" option after your search term(s) (remove the space between : and p).

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    Software version is tied to the firmware in the radio. For most Ebay radios it seems PCConfigure 2.10.2 is the version needed.

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    A brief note: We have temporarily removed our EFJ Software (even for legacy radios) as there was a situation in Texas where someone decided it would be a good idea to put a legacy piece of crap radio on their new P25 TRS. This resulted in an unauthorized transmission where a mic was left open for 20 minutes, on the dispatch talkgroup.

    Until that matter is resolved and we determine Forums had no hand in assisting the unauthorized "programmer" in putting that radio on the network, the software is not available for download. We do not condone putting the lives of public safety personnel at risk.