Does anybody have a complete list of what parts are required to remote mount a mid-power APX7500 with an O5 head?

The DSM doesn't show exploded parts layouts and the BSM seems to be non-existent (6875964M01?).

Here's what I've been able to piece together:

Control Head Assembly: PHCN4000A ( Consists of HLN1468A CHIB, CHIA?, Flex?).
Drawer Assembly: PMUN1038A TIB, Flex HKN6190B?
Remote Mount Cables: HKN6164, etc, etc (Standard XTL type cables).

Any light that you can shed would be appreciated. I've got a load of XTL parts and I'm trying to see what's compatible. I realize the O5 head would be compatible if it had the black front.