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Thread: Need some purchasing insight

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    To make a long story short I'm a volunteer firefighter and also enjoy programming and using my personal portable for MURS and such. My department recently got the new APX6000 platform and as I've always carried my own personal portable I'd love to have the same equipment. Would I be able to purchase a 6000 tier radio through my local radio shop without going through state bid? This would be for only one unit for my personal use (FD use as well)

    Thanks. Any info would be helpful.


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    There isn't any REAL reason why you can't. Will they give you the same pricing, that's a different story. Drop me a PM if you have trouble purchasing through whomever you normally do... Our sales guy is AWESOME and doesn't mind doing one unit sales for folks that are serious and intend to buy. Though I don't know what our pricing is like.