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Thread: APX 7500 Console

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    Default APX 7500 Console

    Two questions...

    What cable do I need to program/tune a APX7500 consolette?

    Can a APX7500 VHF consolette be converted to a dual band VHF/700 with firmware?


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    You need a standard APX7500 programming cable. Same thing that's used on the XTL series mobiles with the "O" series control heads. Plugs into the GCAI connector on the front of the control head. The consolettes also have a USB interface for the wireline card that you plug into on the back of the unit and use a web browser to access.

    A VHF 7500 consolette can only access 700MHz if the radio has the VHF/700 RF board already in it. If it DOES, then you need a flash upgrade to enable dual band operation. If it is a VHF only RF board (if there is such a thing) then you're screwed.

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    Thanks! That saves me ordering a new cable. I'll check the unit for a dual band board.