Discovered that firmware 06.21 and PCP 06.20 were sitting on the Liberty site today so I snatched 'em up and updated my radio.

Seems like they have begun enforcing narrowband in the Liberty now, sort of. When I write to my radio, I get a warning that my radio doesn't have "WB" in the feature set so certain channels I have set as wide will be auto-converted to narrow.

The odd part is, only three VHF-hi frequencies have given me that warning. My UHF frequencies (which I need wide because we're still using a vintage 1990 conventional repeater which I'm lucky doesn't have tubes, let alone the fact it is wide) are intact.

Waiting for an MDC1200 burst to see if they finally added decode. (Unfortunately there's not much in the way of "here's what's new in this update" readme files...)